Getting better slowly

Thank you everyone for all your comments and support! Glad there are people out there that understand. I am definitely on the mend and finally feel like there is no active reaction going on in my body. Urgent Care doctor suggested I try a steroid dose pack but I decided to wait it out longer and now glad I did. Minor set back in the whole scheme of things but it was a bit concerning. 

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So glad you are feeling better! Here's wishing you continued forward progress with your recovery!
Glad you are on the mend. You will get where you want to be, it's probably been the fight of your life. So glad you are on the far end of the fight. Keep in touch,
so glad you're getting better, sometimes it does feel slow but you'll get there and you made your own decision about your own body the steroids and that's good too
So good to hear the good news! There will be ups and downs, but getting through treatment is the biggest hurdle. Thanks for letting us know about your progress!
Thank you for posting, keep us informed! HUGS!
Sometimes it is so frustrating to not know just what is going on in our bodies...Just hang in are stronger than you think and know that you got this....Happy Thanksgiving...
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