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Hi everyone! Finally got my staging 2a N0 M0. PET was clear! I will have port placed on Friday, radiation planning next week and chemo starts the 20th. I feel comfortable with my team so will not seek second opinion. Just need to find my fight! Tough day with more ahead. Kudos to all that sound so positive. I'll be along shortly. Thank you for all your posts of support. This really makes you feel alone. 😘

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Keep your head up and stay positive. You’ve got this💜. I was staged the same as you and cancer free almost 5 years now. Ask anything nothing is too personal on here💜
You will make it with help from your friends here! You will not be alone. And remember that the treatment, while definitely not fun, is SHORT!!!
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Yay, that’s progress! Yes, it’s stressful and unpleasant, but most come through with flying colors. You’ll no doubt do the same. There are ups and downs, so don’t get discouraged when you hit the downs, because the ups will follow. And keep us posted ‘cause we care!!!
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You have a good spirit, faith in your team,. And you a great support network here. You’re on a rough road but with all the tools you need. Hang in there!!! I’ll be with you all along.
So glad you got encouraging news on the staging! You will get through this just fine. I will be 10 years out of treatment on September 9th. with the same staging as you. I am pulling for you all the way!
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You will find that fight soon! The shock of the diagnosis put me in a state of grief and it was difficult to find my voice in the first few weeks. I was completely devastated. But I worked through it and I told myself this was going to be my new job for the next 6 weeks and I was going to be the best I could be at it.
Please make sure you have friends that can drive you the last couple of weeks of treatment, I struggled with the drive and had my family rotate driving me. It helped immensely!
I’m 17 months post treatment and doing wonderfully. I have some physical side effects but emotionally I’m in such a good space...some days I can’t believe I went through it it’s likr it was an out of body experience. We’re here to help you through if you need it! You’re not alone. 😘🤗
I’m so glad about the good news on your scans! I’m also glad your friend will be there to help you through this-that support is really necessary as the treatment goes on. You will find your fight, because there’s really no other choice - cancer definitely does make you a stronger person. I know the information out there is scary, but some people on this blog really have breezed through without too many complications - I really hope that’s you-good luck on Friday!
howdy ST, its just unbelievable how many people are getting this crappy cancer thingy.
i just read your posts and all i gotta say is be happy for what you have and always remember that there are countless others that have it worse.....this always keeps me from the "poor little me" outlook.i am blessed with fantastic medical care, pretty good overall health and a lot of people who actually came out of the woodwork to offer help....AND OF COURSE I HAVE MY 3 WONNERFUL DOGGIES
My best first tip is, moisturize 3 times a day, start NOW, everywhere a bathing suit bottom will cover. From my rad onc, it helped a lot. My tips are on Helen's website, (actually I need to update them). I'm a nurse also, wrote my own care plan,lol, would you like a copy? Once you get started with treatment, the roller coaster slows down a bit. Sorry you had to join our club. But, you will find lots of strength here, and wisdom. They got me through 5 years ago.Kudos to Jill, who started the whole thing! She generates luv!
Hang tough. Treatment sucks but it’s effective and relatively short. I’m just over 3 mos post treatment and feeling great with minimal residual issues.
Just remember one day at a time. You got this!
You can & will get through this. We all did. Please ask anything on this site - someone will always have an answer for you. Hugs Annabelle
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